Managers, lawyers, software architects deal with processing data in their professional environment every day. Analysing and structuring vast amounts of specialised data can be highly expensive in terms of time and effort.

Via these new MSc programs, we aim to help professionals who are either software developers or software users to better understand how to process data in a more structured way.

Students will discover how to exploit emerging technologies and theories of reasoning in order to explore, analyse and navigate through complex processes of negotiation, persuasion and decision making.

We offer masters programs for professional development in three contexts: a student who in a company is responsible for interacting with others in order to make decisions, argue, resolve conflicts (practitioner), a student who in a company is responsible for providing technological support for processing data (software designer), a student who in a company is responsible for analysing existing data in order to make decisions, proceed with selling or defending in the court (analyst).

The courses will be delivered by tutors experienced in both theoretical argumentation and mediation techniques as well as computational tools: the Centre for Argument Technology (ARG-tech) team and the Early Dispute Resolution (edr) team at the University of Dundee, as well as visiting scholars.