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John Lawrence

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John is a lecturer in the Centre for Argument Technology, and manager of the centre’s Infrastructure Working Group, responsible for the design and development of argument technology software with over 20,000 users in 46 different countries. Such software includes the most widely used tools for argument analysis (OVA), storage (AIFdb), and visualisation (Argument Analytics), as well as two projects in collaboration with the BBC – Test Your Argument, and the Evidence Toolkit, deployed to over 3,000 secondary schools in the UK as part of BBC School Report 2018. John combines 15 years of professional software development experience, working with companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and the BBC, alongside an academic track record of over 40 publications spanning the leading journals in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. His principal research interests focus on the connection between argument mining and explainability in AI.

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