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Jacky Visser

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Jacky is a lecturer in the Centre for Argument Technology. His general areas of interest are argumentation and reasoning (both human and artificial) with a particular focus on persuasion and fallacies. His research involves a variety of methods such as machine learning and corpus annotation to cross the disciplinary boundaries between artificial intelligence, linguistics, logic, and philosophy of language. Jacky has published over 25 papers and taught at the Universities of Amsterdam and Dundee on various subjects in linguistics, computing, philosophy, and communication science. In addition to reviewing for conferences such as ACL and AAAI and journals such as Logic and Computation, he is a member of the editorial board of the journal Argumentation. Jacky is leading part of the Dstl-funded Serapis research project on Intelligence Analysis, and has a coordinating role in our H2020 COUCH project.

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